the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP)
24 years of hard working, thank you for your supports ! 

Apart from NOT having an illegal photo with gibbons, you can also help us make a difference by adopting gibbons in our rehabilitation programme. 



 There are numerous gibbons being used as tourist attractions on Phuket. By paying to have your photo taken with a gibbon you are helping these people to reduce the numbers of wild gibbons and cause suffering to this beautiful animal. Gibbons ensure the health and vitality of the rainforests in which they live. Therefore, their survival must be ensured far into the future. Gibbons are threatened by loss of habitat, but also increasingly, by hunting and the illegal pet market. Remember, each cute baby gibbon you see at a market or beach had its mother shot dead by poachers. This loss destroys the family group forever.


This is where you can help. Don’t have your photograph taken with a gibbon or use the bars they are kept in and don’t buy baby gibbons anywhere. Report any poaching activity seen or heard to the National Park Headquarters or the Natural Resources & Environmental Crime Suppression Division. You can report it directly to Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP). If we work together we can try and stop this trade.

Message from our HEARTS

We are fighting the sorrow and the obstacles, We try to make our dream come true everyday,
With our strength and energy, Our hopes and our dreams we wish to hear the gibbon’s song again.
We are trying to release gibbons back to their natural habitat, We hope to rebuild the gibbon’s population in Khao Pra Thaew,
It’s our dream for the animals to be able to live and sing free in this forest, The forest which will be home to all animals.

Finally, the song of the gibbon is echoing around this forest again, We hope all of you will help us keep the song going, With your support and belief, we can make our dream come true, Our dream to fill Khao Pra Thaew , the last remaining forest of Phuket with gibbons, the home for all animals.


We are in need of VOLUNTEERS. We rely entirely on volunteers and private donations to achieve our goals and further our cause. We welcome financial assistance, volunteers to help with our work and experts who can advise us. 100% of all donations go directly to the animals in our care.

Interesting to join our team, contact GRP at
 grp@gibbonproject.org or volunteer@gibbonproject.org


If you happen to see any illegal photo props please report it here. We will forward to a authority in charge to go and take care of this !