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1. DO NOT purchase gibbons, or products derived from gibbons. Many animals are poached each year to be used for the pet trade or to make exotic merchandise. These activities are often illegal, and are always detrimental to the wild animal populations. For many species, humans are the worst predator.

2. DO NOT take photographs with illegal baby gibbons in exchange for money. If you see any illegal gibbon trade or illegal poachers, please inform the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Department or local police. Unfortunately, the GRP does not have the authority to confiscate these gibbons, but would be more than happy to forward the information.

These animals are taken from the wild and exploited as tourist attractions. In the case of wild gibbons, the parents are killed in order to obtain the baby gibbon. The baby gibbon does not always survive the fall from the canopy once the mother is killed, so in most cases, many gibbons are killed to obtain just one baby. If these actions continue to be financially supported by tourists, gibbons will one day be extinct. To have a gibbon in captivity has been illegal since 1992, but it is still a large problem. If you see an illegal wildlife trade or illegal poachers, please inform the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Department or local police. Unfortunately, the WARF does not have the legal authority to confiscate these animals, but we would be more than happy to forward the information to those who do. If you have seen any of pet trade report us.

3. By supporting the conservation of the rainforest you are protecting the gibbons’ habitat and preventing the main cause for their endangered status – deforestation. In doing this, you are protecting crucial habitat for Thailand ‘s wildlife and endangered species. The main cause of most species’ endangered status is deforestation. You should avoid purchasing products which are obtained from the rainforest through habitat destruction.

4. Become a volunteer for the GRP!

Interested to be volunteer please contact at or You can also donate your time by becoming a volunteer for one of the WARF projects. Our volunteers help with various tasks, including animal care and maintenance, educating tourists and the local community about our conservation efforts, and various administrative tasks when necessary. It is a great opportunity to become directly involved in the conservation of Thailand ‘s wildlife, and to gain knowledge regarding endangered species protection and wildlife care. We are always in need of volunteers to help achieve our goals and reach out to the international community on Thailand ‘s conservation issues.

If you have an education in any of the following areas there could be a great opportunity for you to gain experience in the field and develop your skills, while helping a worthwhile cause and learning about life in a totally different culture.

• Biology, Zoology, Primatology

• Botany, Ecology, Conservation

• Education, ecotourism

Here volunteers can help in the care of our rescued gibbons, and can assist our efforts to return these small intelligent arboreal apes to their natural habitat and to protect their natural habitat through public education.  Volunteers make a donation to the GRP as well as giving their time and energy.

5. Make a donation to the project. The WARF/GRP is a Non Profit Organization (NPO). It is currently funded by donations from the public visiting our Centre for Conservation Education and Fundraising at Bang Pae Waterfall and from our volunteer programme.  We also have donation boxes in various locations throughout Phuket. We constantly need money to provide cages, food, veterinary care and scientific equipment for the project. The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF), our parent organization, contributes during low seasons and when an expensive necessity is required. Cash donations can be transfer directly to our account:

Bank transfer details

Account number: 573-015814-3
Bangkok Bank, Talang Branch Phuket 83110 Thailand


Account number: 611-1-05117-3

6. Purchase merchandise or Adopt a gibbon – The small profit goes toward the maintenance and upkeep of the project! The WARF carries merchandise which is available for purchase. From the T-shirts to gibbon dolls, all proceeds are used to support our projects and care for our animals. If you are interested in purchasing any of our merchandise, please visit (our giftshop page). We also run an adoption program for some of our gibbons and macaques. In adopting an animal, you receive an adoption pack which contains information about our projects, as well as a photo of your chosen animal, and a brief description of how they came to be in our care. You receive a monthly newsletter containing updates from within the project, and an update on your chosen animal after 6 months. Included in the adoption price is a T-shirt or polo shirt of your choice.

7. Other help! We also welcome any other support that you or your organization can offer. Examples include assistance with medicines, medical equipment, materials for cages and enrichment or new cages. People, companies and universities are invited to help us with sponsorship of education material, our website and other work we may be doing that is not within our limited budget. Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Special Thanks to our supporters or sponsors!

Phuket Governors, Talang District Officers, Paklock Subdistrict Officers
  • Mr. Niran Kanlayanamitr 
  • National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department (DNP)
  • Director General of DNP, Wildlife Conservation Director
  • Mr. Awat Nitikul
Our Advisors
  • Warren Y. Brockelman, Ph.D. Mahidol University, Biology, Faculty of Science, Salaya Campus, Buddhamonthon, Nakhon Pathom 73170 Thailand Email: Tel. 662-889-2672 Fax. 662-889-2671
Supporting our Gibbon Re-introduction and Long – term Conservation Education Program at Khao Phra Theaw non-hunting area Programme
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service Great Ape Conservation FundFred Bagley: Division of International Conservation Department of the interior 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 730 Arlington, Virginia 22203
Embassy of the United States of America 
  • Ted Osius: Regional Environmental Affairs Officer, South East Asia/Pacific Bangkok
  • Mary Smith: Wildlife ambassador for WARF and GRP.
Leaflet sponsor
  • Holiday Inn. Resort, Phuket: 52 Taweewong Rd., T. Patong A. Kathu Phuket 83150 Tel. 076-340608-9 Fax. 076-340435 (
Promotion and Donation
  • This is Thailand programme Channel 5: MEDIA OF MEDIAS PLC. 2991/29-30 Ladprao 101/3, Ladprao Rd., Klong Chan, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240THAILAND Tel: +662 376 0503-10 Ext. 452, 414, 511 Fax: +662 370 1608
  • Grace Mahadamrongrul, MongKol Songwatcharaporn and Suwit Limvattanakul
  • SBS: 18. Yotdo-dong, Seoul Korea Tel. 82 11 278 7377
  • Vera: Rescue station for handicaped animals, Vavřinecká ulice-sad, 158 00 Praha 5, Jinonice Tel. +42 0602 20 50 70 (Věra Aladzasová – Přibylová)
Volunteer agencies
  • Ecovolunteer Programme: Meijersweg 29, 7553 AX Hengelo, Netherland Tel.+33.74.2508250
  • Chamber of commerce, twente, #06087803
  • Global Vision International: Amwell Farm House, Nomansland, Wheathampstesd, Hertfordshire AL4 8EJ Tel. 0870 608 8898 Fax. 01582 834002
  • Global Spirit: Hanneke Van Terheiden, P.O. Box 5636 – 4801 EA  Breda – The Netherlands (
Postcard sponsors
  • ARTASIA PRESS Co.Ltd. 59 Soi Talad Luang, Charoen Krung 44, Bangkok: Bangkok Office: 2353379, 2345360, 2359328 Fax. (662) 2373218, Phuket Office: 076216707
  • Toshimi Hayashi:
Donation boxes
  • All Post office around Phuket
  • การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย ภาคใต้เขต 4 (ภูเก็ต) – (ททท.)
  • สวนผีเสื้อและโลกแมลง จ.ภูเก็ต
  • ธนาคารกรุงไทย สาขาถนนรัษฎา
  • Phuket Happy tour (Patong)
  • AIS and Telewiz
  • The Royal Paradise & spa Hotel: 135/23 Rat-U-tit Rd. Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150 Tel. 0760340661-6 (
  • Thavorn Beach Village and Spa (Kamala-Patong Road)
  • Hotel in Thavorn Group: Thavorn Palm Beach, Thavorn Beach Village, Thavorn GrandPlaza, The Thavorn Hotel: Bangkok office 4/2 Rangnam Rd. Phayathai, Bangkok 10400 Tel. 0 2247 5150-7
Public support
  • Phuket Gazette: The Phuket Gazzette Co.Ltd. 367/2 Yaowarat Rd. Taladyai  Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel. 076236555 Fax. 076213971
  • Pim T-shirt: 59/7 Bangkok Rd. Taladyai, Muang Phuket 83000
Donation of equipment for education conservation
  • Copy machine: Saori Kita
  • Dry-cabinet, VCD player, CD player: Damiana Ravasi
  • Cassette/CD player, coffee machine: Guillaume Pages
  • Scanner: Wendy Lee McCall and family
  • Operation set: Marieka Woudenberg and WandaVeenstra
  • Banner at education center: Marko Van Es
  • Copy machine (Canon iR 2520): Richard Joynes
Donation of construction materials
  • Training cage: Marieke Woudenberg and Wanda Veenstra
  • Rehabilitation cage: Sheraton Grande Laguna Beach Resort, 10 Mu 4Srisoontorn Rd., Thalang, Phuket 83110 (
  • Juvenile’s cage (Mai and Endoo): Irit and Dani Ruschin
  • Mai ‘new cage: Daniele Bernini, and Vladimir Trisic
  • Rehab’s cage: Central Samui Beach Resort Co.,Ltd. (Phuket Branch) 683  Patak Rd.,  T.Karon  A.Muang  Phuket  83000
Funding provided
  • For the long reintroduction process of the “Brownie family”: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Thanks also to all those people who have anonymously donated money via our donation boxes and bank accounts