Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Chiang Mai – Transporting the Gibbons

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How we transport Gibbons

Chiang Mai lies approximately 1220Km North of Phuket.  It is an arduous two-three day  journey by car for humans, let alone  for frightened Gibbons!

Fortunately, we are able to tap into the goodwill of Thailand’s aviation community and have started organising  transporting the Gibbons by small aircraft. The flight can be conducted in a single day, minimizing the stress on the animals.

In Chiang Mai, Nok Flying Club members have generously given their time, aircraft and money to support the transportation of the Gibbons from Phuket to Chiang Mai.

At the Phuket end, Phuket Airpark have generously provided us a base of operations, and members there have donated financially as well.

A highly experienced vet from the Phuket Centre accompanied the Gibbons and kept regular checks on them.  Due to the potential side effects, and limited duration of tranquilizes, the Gibbons were not sedated for the flight.