Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Chiang Mai – The Release

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September 2014

Bobby and Songkran in the wild. Dodo, Beauty and Dr Tum are set to be released in Chiang Mai on September 14th, 2014….. more as this story develops.

July 2014

The painful, but necessary decision has been taken to move Bambam and family back to Phuket where her eventual blindness can be cared for much more adequately. The only scant comfort from this development is that Beauty, Dodo and baby Dr Tum have been airlifted in their place, and are now in Baan Jampee aclimatising for eventual release.

Nature is indiscriminate, and although all of us who work and care for Bambam are saddened by this development, we are determined to make her as comfortable as possible. Santi and baby Peepoo are also back in Phuket remaining as a family until such time as baby Peepoo is old enough to look after herself.

On a more positive note…. Beauty, Dodo and baby Dr Tum flew to Chiang Mai, here is Tom’s video of the trip. As you will see Beauty was not at all intimidated by the experience and was very inquisative the whole trip!

June 2014

Bobby and Songkran were released! It took a few days, but the first Gibbons to be reintroduced back into the wild in Chiang Mai are free!







Unfortunately, Bambam has developed a cataract in her right eye, and a suspected infection in her left eye.  Gibbons are susceptible to cataracts, but just like us humans, if diagnosed early enough, the eye can be operated on and the chances of vision restoration is high. Bambam is being taken to Mahidol University, where a specialist surgeon will assess her for the operation. Ever since Bambam has become ill, Santi has taken over the care of PeePoo, who now clings to him instead of her mother. Due to this development, Bobby and Songkran will be released instead of Bambam, PeePoo and Santi on June 16th.









May 2014

Work has begun to construct a bamboo training cage at the release site in order for BamBam and family to get used to their new home. Volunteers from GRP Phuket alongside local villagers trekked up to the site selected by Dr Tam for release, and used bamboo from the forest.

















We have currently transported two Gibbon families to Baan Pang Chum Pee in Chiang Mai.

We hope to release Bambam and family during June 2014, followed a few months later by Bobby and family. Providing the releases are a success we will begin to plan the transportation of the next pair.