Another Loris Rescue ! 


On Thursday 8th September, at around 10pm, GRP had a small surprise when a local man brought a rescued slow loris to our doors. The local man had found the animal crawling round on his roof and managed to capture the distressed loris in a bag. Originally, the man wanted to pass the loris to the park rangers, however, was concerned that the loris would not survive the night so brought the animal to GRP instead.

GRP conducted a thorough health check to ensure that the animal was in fact a wild loris and not an abandoned pet. The GRP were happy to find that the animal looked very healthy and still had all its teeth, a sign that the animal was indeed wild and was exhibiting wild behaviours such as aggression. 

To avoid any further stress to the animal, the GRP team released the loris the same night the Bang Pae Waterfall. The animal looked very happy to be returned home and quickly climbed up into the trees.

Slow Lorises

Slow lorises are small nocturnal primates native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. These animals also have a highly specialized diet eating insects, small animals, fruits and tree gums. Slow lorise may look cute but these animals have a toxic bite, which is mainly used to deter predators!